Software (ERP)
Enterprise Resource Planning

Put order in your company and don't miss out on growth opportunities. The system has a friendly interface, drag & drop and a powerful scalable architecture.


¿What is a software ERP ?

An enterprise resource planning system is a tool capable of integrating and streamlining all the operations of a company in areas such as: Sales, CRM, Projects, Purchases, Production, Distribution Chain, Inventories, Accounting, Suppliers, Manufacturing, Customer Support, among others.

This state-of-the-art business information system will help you make grow your business, with a powerful modular, intuitive, user-friendly and robust design It covers all the essential aspects of a business.

If you still do not use an ERP or the one you currently have does not meet your expectations, we can help you.

Powerful modular design of 425 applications

The next generation business information system helps you grow your business covering all essential aspects of a business.


It will help you automate your sales processes, carry out a detailed follow-up of your prospects, schedule calls, reminders, activities and supervise your team.


Create quotes in less than 1 minute, record advances, review your next payments, analyze and filter everything that happens in your commercial area with reports and graphics.

Purchases and expenses

Simplify your process and acquire raw materials, manage suppliers and automate transactions. Keep track of indirect expenses.

Point of sale (POS)

Give the best service and customer service in your store or restaurant. Integrate with printer and scanner.

Project management

Collaborate, coordinate and turn every project into a winning story. Organize all your effective projects.


Track sales, organizational expenses, accounts receivable, and accounts payable.


A feature-rich ERP solution for manufacturing and maintenance management.


Powerful warehouse management software for inventory tracking and stock control.

Help Desk

Simplify your support process. Manage customer issues, track productivity, and add unlimited agents to the cloud-based versatile system

Software ERP

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